Thackeray Music


CelloUna  [cello + backing tracks]

Cello for hire in Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Liverpool, Cumbria, North West.  Cello for Weddings and Funerals.

CelloUna plays in the Thackeray String Quartet/Trio. The cello really suits the register of many popular songs, in addition to having a great repertoire of Classical music. Music ranges from Bach Prelude in G to A Thousand Years, James Bond Classics, Adele songs and many more!

CelloUna is great for smaller spaces or if numbers of people are restricted.  All that is required is a chair.  The cello is particularly suited to wedding ceremonies at a church or a venue. 

Zoom meetings are bookable for enquiries and give your the opportunity to hear examples of music played to you. 


A Thousand Years


Wonderful Tonight